Skroch Family Tree

 Purpose of this website is to hold as complete and detailed a family tree for the Skroch family as possible as a service and resource to that group and other surnames that intersect the Skroch surname.  Focus here is not on just the the trunk and branches, but upon the stories that populate the tree and therefore the rich history it conveys.  Because of this we try to focus upon written stories and pictures that are deeper within the website..  This is intended to be a simple website with few modern features.

Family Reunion, August 2014
Cyril Skroch Family Reunion, August 3rd, 2014 at Joe Pietrick Jr. County Park (inbetween Arcadia & Independence, WI.   I was notified by Travis Skroch, Cyril's Grandson.  The event organizer is Susen Beck (Shepherd).  She is also a grandaughter of Cyril.  See Facebook for "Cyril Skroch Family Reunion."

Skroch Tree

While phenomenal progress has been made since 2010, there remain a number of disjoint trees at this point.  Due to the work of multiple family genealogists, especially the work of Martin Pool in 2011, two more generations were added that allowed the combination of a number of trees.  I was only able to update this surname list here in 2014, with work ongoing to update subpages.

Here are the primary resources on this website:

"The first four men, who left for America came from Poppelau. They started the trip end of 1867 , and on Feb 16th, 1868 16 men, 11 women and 32 children followed track.They were familymembers of: Sobatta, Woiczyk, Stroch, Giemsa, Kammler, Kautza, Passon, Sylla, Kokott; Halama, Schiwek and Macieg all well known names, which are well known today in the city and in rural count of Oppeln.  Shortly afterwards two follwed from Brinnitz, two from Poppelau, the farmers son Jakob Kulik from Alt-Schockwitz, permanent farm help (Haeusler) Kowalczyk from Jellowa, 4 men from Alt-Schalkowitz, named: Glowania Pampuch, Kilian and Kulig, as well as the Angenhaeusler (?) Florian Krezig together with three children and two female and two male persons 14 and over. 

Already in March of the same year 33 Men, 27 women and 87 children from Poppelau, Brinnitz (45), Schalkowitz (25), Friedrichsthal (7), Lugnian (8), Murow (1), Schulenburg (7), Grabczok (1) and Oppeln proper (1) headed for the new  continent. The following names are mentioned: Sobotta, Koroll, Sczygola, Kulig, Gamroth, Stiller, Niwe, Kowalczyk, Prodlo, Sczepurek, Bautz, Kuba, Klimek, Marsollek, Sonsolla, Rudolph, Pohl, Trat, Fautsch, Salonek, Knopp, Gritzner, Pampuch, Drab, Twardi, Tyris, Woiczich, Krell, Wiersgalla, Kutscher, Schweda, Lukaszik und Pieterek who are starting the major journey into an unknown country.

It was the time, when novelties in the area (mainly pubs) were called  "The New World" to remember those who emigrated to it. (happened e.g. in Proskau, Gleiwitz etc)" -- provided by Jean Day


You are welcome to help this site grow by submitting information for the tree or even the site design.  At this point I have more information that has not been entered; however, I would like to see more personal recollections of people in the tree (living or deceased) and imagery of people and places (send me the files or I can scan and return your pictures).  You can contact me at  By the way, my Skroch lineage is Jacob, Michael, Valentin, Jacob, John, Andrew, Alphonse, Donald.

Updated: 6 July 2014